Hot Weekend

As expected my weekend was pretty hot despite the cold weather.

Xavier took me for supper to our favourite vegetarian restaurant. The food was stellar, however I was not fully satisfied ’cause after a week on detox, my carnivorous-self needed meet… So, once at home he fed me his fat dick to calm my cravings. #Appropriate 

We were so horny that lube was not even needed (in spite of the fact that fucking with lube is a lot better if you’re the one receiving a cock) but he makes me feel so comfortable that sometimes the stimulation doesn’t need more fluids or lubrication. 

After his third ejaculation and the many notifications on his phone, I couldn’t help but to lose focus and wondered stuff… I don’t have happy experiences with my exes mobiles.

We no longer talk about what we are, or if we are exclusive or not, yet we take risks too often and it’s becoming a bad habit. 

This morning something unusual happened and again put many questions in my head… Anyhow, I’d rather not overthink but probably talk about it.

Regardless, I had a hot weekend.

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