78659c41720977-57b4c9ccb4ccbI watched this movie with mad Mel… God, it’s been ages since I’ve seen him in a film. Although, I’m not into these type of movies, I watched it because of him and I gotta say Mel Gibson’s still got it!

In this film he plays an ex-convict who fights to protect his troubled daughter from a drug cartel that is hunting her down.

The plot is simple and straight forward. Violent and unashamedly trashy, Blood Father certainly is hardly original yet very efficient.

I’m glad to see mad Mel back doing what he do best.

From times he reminded me physically of an older version of Hugh Jackman, but also reminded me that both are Australian… and as most Australians they’re very alike in hotness.

This movie was pretty solid thanks to Mel Fukin Gibson.


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