Finally Something To Applaud At Ringling Bros. Circus: IT’S CLOSURE


Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the biggest circus in the world and self-styled “Greatest Show On Earth” is packing up the big top after 146 years. 146 years! That’s A LOT of assuredly depressed animals.

NBC reports that the circus is calling it quits due to low ticket sales they’re blaming it on not using elephants any longer. Oh, sure, blame the elephants, bastards!

The only thing I associate the circus with is terror, and that’s for two reasons.

  1. Laughing clowns with red mouths that made me think of blood. I was (and continue to be) a morbid child.
  2. Extreme anxiety thinking about the lions, elephants, tigers, camels, and whatever other animal being abused by humans for idiotic morons entertainment. Have you even watched DUMBO?? 

That cotton candy wilted rather quickly from fear, let me tell you.

Jokes aside, THIS IS NOT AMUSING but abuse and humiliation!


Circuses, Zoos and SeaWorld have no place in modern society. 

And for those with no brain and into this shit, do not worry…

The Trump Circus opens in 4 days.

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