Languages In Canada

The relationship between the French and English language in Canada is part of our country’s identity. Both are official languages.

However, sometimes it feels like almost all of the French people live in Quebec and the rest of Canada is English, but actually, according to Silota, the country wide-split is closer to 60% Anglophone, 21% Francophone, and 19% other.

There are actually more than 200 different first language spoken in Canada, including 60 aboriginal dialects. Which means we have some of the most diverse dialects in the world.

20% of people in Canada have a first language that isn’t french or English…. Touché!


Well, not surprise here, it’s a fact almost all French-speaking populations is in Quebec and New Brunswick. What I didn’t know is the amount of German-speaking people living in Canada.

Regardless, the amount of languages you hear on daily basis on the street is pretty hot. Which is why it’s easy to find polyglots everywhere and it’s possible to learn any language you want. 

Canada is definitely very diverse, and that’s what makes it brilliant.

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