Vinyl Dream

For years, Arizona-based artist Daniel Edlen has created show-stopping works of vinyl art.

Inventively using records as his canvas, Edlen has redefined “album art” with his painted portraits of iconic singers and beloved bands.

To create each masterpiece, Edlen applies acrylic paint directly onto the record’s vinyl. 

With an eclectic taste in music and an open-for-commissions approach to his practice, Edlen’s vinyl art collection is composed of a myriad of musical entertainers. 

daniel-edlen-vinyl-art-2daniel-edlen-vinyl-art-4 daniel-edlen-vinyl-art-11daniel-edlen-vinyl-art-1daniel-edlen-vinyl-art-3

In addition to honouring living legends and late icons, Edlen also creates the melodic works to bring people together through a universal love of music. 

To pick up your own ready-to-ship musical masterpiece, stop by Edlen’s shop. Or, request a custom-made work of vinyl art through his website.

Pretty awesome!

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