7 Months…

thumbnail_img_6569Yesterday marked the 7th month that Xavier and I met, started dating and everything in between… It also means it’s been 7 months since PatrickA and I broke up, and 7 months I haven’t used my penis to become someone’s bitch. 

It’s been a roller coaster of emotions…

Losing PatrickA, wining Xavier, losing Xavier, wining few others… Having Xavier back, ups and downs and all that like in all relationship.

I wasn’t actually aware of the date. Since we are not longer boyfriends I stopped caring about that, so I was surprised when he reminded me of the day and gave me a sweet present…


At first I was confused but I’ve learnt to stop being rational with Xavier. Logic doesn’t work with him ’cause he can be very random. Therefore, the best way to deal with his ambivalence is living one day at a time not thinking too much.

In addition to his surprise, we went to museum last night.


The exposition was Robert Mapplethorpe… not a big fan of his work, pretty boring to my eyes but I love the museum and it was nice to do something else before partying in my bed.

After that we went to eat and to Starfucks, and later at home and after some hot sex, we had a talk… Apparently we are “exclusive,” although he said he wouldn’t mind if I met someone else… In other words same story as PatrickA… That’s how I met Xavier… 

Maybe this is history repeating, minus the blues ’cause I already went through that with him. And probably someone hot as well, ’cause I may be a slut but I’m not cheap and I have standards. #ThankYouVeryMuch

Regardless, I had a great time. Happy 7 months! 

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