Kanye Isn’t “Traditionally American” Enough

get-2When the piss-haired egomaniac met the piss-haired egomaniac at Trump Tower in December, many of us guessed that Donald Trump was either going to offer Kanye West a cabinet position or ask him to perform at the inauguration. Neither happened.

I figured that Kanye wasn’t ask to perform at Trump’s inauguration, because he’s just not a big enough star to join the A-list extravaganza that includes an America’s Got Talent runner-up, Tony Orlando and 3 Doors Down.

But it turns out that Kanye wasn’t asked to perform because he just doesn’t fit the “Traditionally American” vibe that organizers are going for….

Translation: Kanye is black. He’s also very dark skinned black. Wouldn’t want to ruffle the feathers of his racist, bigoted supporters.


Tom Barrack, the head of the Presidential Inauguration Committee said that they didn’t even ask Kanye and not because they’ll already have their hands full with one unpredictable bag of messiness. 

The inauguration is going to be “traditionally American” and that’s why they hired “Lord Of The Dance” Michael Flatley to do the traditionally American dance known as IRISH stepdancing!


After finding out that Michael Flatley was booked, the inauguration theme of  “soft sensuality” makes total sense!

But truly, what does “traditionally American” even mean?

Kanye is a self made millionaire who became successful in a form of music that began in New York City and has ties to musical and storytelling traditions brought there by slaves and immigrants. 

Leaving aside all the things I dislike about Kanye here because Trump is much worse! And which one of them is actually more American? The American Dream is not to inherit millions and go bankrupt time after time.

Kanye has had his share of money problems, too but he lost his own money, not the money of shareholders or money that was given to him.

Sometimes I don’t ever want to see or hear from Kanye again and I haven’t cared for his music since he became Kanye Kardashian, but they should just say that Donald’s KKK buddies will get nervous if Kanye performs “Black Skinhead” so they didn’t call him.

The end!! 

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