Trump Assassination Foiled By Twitter

Some guy named Dominic Puopolo tweeted a video in which he said he was going to travel to the inauguration and kill Donald Trump. At least somebody’s excited to actually be attending.

Puopolo claimed to be Jesus Christ and that he was simply following orders from God, and dared the Secret Service to stop him… They promptly arrested his ass while eating at a Subway…

Further proof that he’s insane!

Puopolo also appears to be drunk, which means it’s possible he was just venting and in a moment of horrible judgement completely fucked his life up on TwAtter, like most lame tweeter users.

He’s being held on a one million dollar bond. And we’re all probably thinking the same thing…

Why don’t you people just raise a million bucks and bail this guy out and tell him God confirmed his original wishes?

Cheer up Puopolo, I’m sure you’re not the only mess out there.

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