Secret Wedding…

thumbnail_img_6593… Not mine sadly, but let’s keep the faith.

This morning I received a random text from a “friend” I haven’t seen in ages. In fact she’s more of a friend of Hubby (one of my ex’s) but I know her for over 15 years, when she and Hubby were kids doing their first year at McGill university.

So she texted me asking me if I was free this Sunday for a get together with other “friends” and acquaintances because she’s moving to France ’cause her HUSBAND got promoted… I was like WHAT?

Yup, apparently she got secretly married last month.

What surprises me is the fact that Hubby didn’t tell me anything… I mean, he usually keeps me updated about old friends… unless he was also unaware… Either way I already texted him to bitch about it because, telenovela!

Anyhow, I still can’t believe she got married… Time goes by really fast.

On the other hand, I’m happy for her after all the struggles she went through with her now-husband… Breakups, makeups, breakups again, and now they’re married. But its all good.

No relationship is 100% good times, you need to go to the lows and highs, experience joy and pain in order to understand what is that you want in your life. Those will help you to appreciate the qualities of whoever you’re sleeping with to finally choose accordingly.

When you take a conscious decision there’s nothing to regret, but only a valuable experience.

Congratulations Jen! 

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