The Quebec Language Police Are Going After Justin Trudeau


Two days ago, everyone was freaking out because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at a town hall meeting in Sherbrooke (Quebec) and when a woman asked a question about getting services in English, he answered in French…

Later, Trudeau admitted that he probably should have answered in both languages, but he didn’t apologise. Either way it was too little too late.

Now 3 formal complaints have been made about Trudeau, and he is now under investigation by the Official Languages Commissioner.

Basically they are treating Trudeau just like any other Federal employee, and in Canada, citizens have the right to have access to federal services in the official language of their choice. So technically, as a federal employee, Trudeau should have answered her in English.

What is this stupid bullshit???

I agree with Justin Trudeau 100% to address to the crowd in French because the majority were French-speakers and he certainly does not need to apologise for the fragile and offended Canadians living in Quebec who never learnt French.

Yes, he made a mistake by saying “We are in Quebec” ’cause he should be more sensitive about the issue, but still… Let’s get real here.

My first language is Spanish and I learnt French and English because I AM Canadian, and you need BOTH languages to get a job in Montreal.
How many times, French Canadians are addressed ONLY in ENGLISH by politicians or official government agencies when they travel across Canada? Are they crying?… NO!
All Quebecers and (it’ll never happen) all of Canada should be able to speak both official languages.
IT’S AN ASSET, not a handicap! 
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