Israel artist Shahak Shapira has created a website called “Yolocaust” where he contrasts photographs of people smiling, juggling and doing yoga with the horrors of the concentration camps…

The thoughtless selfies are juxtaposed next to startling archive wartime images to show just how absurd (read IDIOTIC) the actions of the social-media obsessed youngsters are.

The memorial, which was erected in Berlin to commemorate the millions of murdered Jewish people, is formed of 2,711 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field.

Every day hundreds of visitors are seen taking selfies, with many even climbing on the stones and dancing around like total fucktards because clearly they have ZERO education, decency, dignity, morals and respect.

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How would you feel if people were desecrating your parents or grandparents grave and then posting it on Instagram with stupids hashtags like #checkmeout?

These ignorant should be getting sanctions for it.

Powerful way of shaming them though.

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