Zero Dark Thirty

I watched this 2012 film recently… overall pretty good!

Zero Dark Thirty is the true life story centred around the obsessive CIA analyst (played by the brilliant Jessica Chastain) who was most responsible for locating Osama Bin Laden.

I really enjoyed the film, despite the massive amount of information the movie throws at you, which could risk bogging down and boring audiences.

You really have to lock yourself into the first thirty minutes or so of this one or it might become too easy to become distracted. But if you can successfully do that, I believe you’ll have an excellent time with this film

The camerawork is very well done, and the acting is very believable and convincing, especially from Jessica Chastain which I love because she’s few of the versatile actresses who always deliver her roles. In fact she was nominated for the Oscars that year for this film.

My only issue with the film was Chris Pratt… When I see his face I see comedy, and he didn’t seem believable in his character. 

Gladly he only appears by the end…

Well made and good performances.

And Oh, Jessica Chastain was robbed!! She deserved the Oscar way more than Jennifer Lawrence. #FACT

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