The Symbol Of Resistance


Depending on who you ask, Trump’s inauguration either brought out around 250,000 to 900,000 people (according to the media) or a number so HUGE that it hasn’t been invented yet (according to Trump). And that number included protesters like the purple parka-wearing warrior who tossed out a double fuck you during his speech.

And just like that, the perfect poster for the Women’s March was created.

Buzzfeed reporter Mary Georgantopoulos covered the inauguration yesterday and tweeted that picture of the middle finger-wielding champion in purple along with this caption:

“Lots of middle fingers up in the air during Trump’s speech”


Naturally, this photo has gone viral, winning the hearts of everyone around the world. She is the perfect symbol of that anger, resistance and give-no-fucks defiance we need today, for the rest of 2017, and/or the next 4-8 years and beyond.

So, who is she anyway?

The internet has helpfully identified her as Anita Yavich, an award-winning costume designer, Associate Professor of Theater Design at SUNY Purchase, and a Lecturer in Theater at Princeton University. And clearly, not a fan of that Orange asshole. 

Anita makes my heart sing and Kanye’s b-hole pucker.

Too bad both those middle fingers didn’t launch missiles with a very good sense of direction. YOU GO GURL!

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