feher_isten_ver2This is a 2014 Hungarian film and I watched last night… it was REALLY GOOD despite the not so perfect last minutes.

First of all this not a childish Disney-like type of film, in fact it’s not for children… nor that Hollywood would ever do something so creative like this either.

This awesome film is open to interpretations.

To me was about few things: Abuse, oppression, cruelty, racism and even immigration, told from the point of view of dogs and children.

This film is a family drama that becomes a thriller, as well as a tough critique of the way men assume superiority over nature.

If you’re an animal lover like myself, it’s gonna be hard to watch from parts. 


All the actors were very good, particularly the young actress Zsofia Psotta, and the two stars of the film (2 dogs) who played “Hagen,” Luke and Body.

If animals actors were able to get awards, these two will get all.

Unlike the trailer, the film is a bit more disturbing and not for everyone. But in general this movie hits the heart strings with great cinematography and powerful moments. The director Kornél Mundruczó deserves praise for his amazing direction, especially his directing of the dogs.

Incredible film!! 

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