No Drama But Still Hot

thumbnail_fullsizerender-2Recently, some kinky reader asked why am I not posting sexy stories anymore?

Simple, because it’s not 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015!

Although in 2016 I posted few of my sexual stories, my partners last year were more serene and also I explored my bottom side…

I was not longer the alpha in control of the intensity, the hunger for sex or the level of kinkiness.

See, I started posting about my explicit sexual life few year ago (when I gave up on love) after been in serious relationships for 12 years, on a previous blog. Why? Because I just felt like it.

I guess at some point age allows you do to stuff you never considered before. You get rid of taboos and stop caring about others opinions.

Here (this blog) the majority of my stories are with Joseph with whom I spent over 2 years of passion. Joseph gave me lots of sunshine but also great storms… We used to fight and fuck a lot (he was fire and I was gasoline) and since writing helps me to get rid of my frustrations, it was easy to correlate and blog about our addictive sexual encounters.

But it wasn’t only sex, despite our issues, I was in love with Joseph.

My life is bit different now.

tumblr_o8i783qjwc1ufhgmwo1_500Xavier is a hot lover, he’s also a peaceful-easy-going person (we rarely have issues;) and unlike my other relationships, our affair is more casual and zen.

Sex is solid but we don’t have drama, therefore, I don’t need to ventilate the frustrations I don’t have; neither elaborate on any revenge-sex or hatefuck (which I miss sometimes as a top.) 

Although, Xavier’s fat penis doesn’t need intense emotions to destroy my asshole… which is paradoxical ’cause I’m a tight virgin.

In short, the reason I don’t blog about my sexual life as often, it’s because I’m not longer the one in charge.  However, sex remains pretty hot.

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