Nothing But Best Wishes For This Kid…

parisjacksonrollingsotne2016-500x633Paris Jackson is far, far, far from being the little girl whose dad, Michael Jackson, tried to protect by covering her face with a mask whenever she went out in public and told many stuff she believes is a fact, like: “You’re black. Be proud of your roots…” 

Said a man who did everything in his power NOT to look black

Anyhow, Paris Jackson is now an Alice Cooper-loving 18-year-old with more than 50 tattoos who is working on a modelling career.

I had to type the words, “with more than 50 tattoos,” with my nose, because as soon as I was reminded that Paris Jackson is 18, my hands wrinkled, my nails shrank and I’ve got the arthritis in a bad way now.

It’s a good thing that a day nurse also showed up when I was reminded that Paris is 18, because I’m going to need someone to open my caramel squares for me.

Yeah, I can’t believe this kid is now 18, but so it’s Xavier…

And I’d better get my granny symptoms back ’cause he’s doing me tonight. 

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