The cams site “CamSoda” has created a virtual reality gas mask that allows you smell porn… The “OhRoma” mask!

A mask that allows VR porn freaks to breathe in a variety of fine aromas, ranging from delicate perfume, to salty ocean breeze, to pornstar vagina, maybe some sweaty testicles. Perhaps even fresh-baked cookies, or basement humidity, if that’s your thing. 


In order to smell their porn with the OhRoma, users will put two canisters into the gas mask, then pair the mask to their phone with Bluetooth. Then, they can watch a cam girl of their liking do her thing in virtual reality, all while breathing in her personal “scent profile.”


“We’re trying to touch on every possible way to make VR more than just visual,” CamSoda president Daron Lundeen told the Huffington Post, adding olfaction to the list of senses VR porn has managed to defile.

whOReOma will retail at $59.99 with refillable scent canisters at $29.99 each… Yeah, no words. 

I personally can’t imagine my life jerking off to a fantasy, I mean, I need flesh and if the Sex Gods doesn’t send it my way I’ll hunt for it.

But I guess I’m an animal, and those buying this shit simple men

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