tumblr_lz6q1uonue1qzqaclo1_500Well, few days of seminal fluid I had accumulated in my testicles since my last orgasm just left last night after Xavier gave my ass a workout.

Perhaps he felt I was mentally taking him a exam, which is kind of true and unconsciously do ’cause I have a very active sex life since the beginning of time…

Unlike other times he fucked me only twice (we ran out of condoms,) but it was good enough for me to give him a feedback.

Recently he trimmed his body hair for strange reasons, so lying in bed touching him felt a bit different, like a hairless bottom body… So we started talking about our versatile sexuality. 

I told him that he could be a good bottom, but he’s definitely a better top because he has all the requirements for it. And then I told him “You have improved a lot.”

When we met he was too beginner, but that’s not longer the case even if he’s still not very daring when it comes to kinkiness. However, time, experience and age will get him there. 

Once he cummed the second time I had to asked him to pull off ’cause his penis was so cosy inside that it forgot that my bhole needed to breathe… And that’s when I shouted out: “Congratulation, you graduate!”

He seemed happy with my announcement, and so we went to sleep.

It’s always great to spend time with him.

Even if nothing’s perfect… It’s fun guarantee!

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  1. r_hsw says:

    i’m so envious. i need my own xavier.

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