Dallas Teacher Chose The Wrong Eighth Grader To Bonk …

3c79371a00000578-4153710-image-a-47_1485294864046You had to figure it was only a matter of time before one of these “innocent school boys” being groomed for casual and repetitive easy sex with their female teachers turned out to be not so innocent and downright street savvy.

If not sinister and cunning, as in the case of Dallas middle school teacher Thao “Sandy” Doan, who found herself on the expensive end of an extortion plot by the 14 year old boy she took as her illicit lover.

When you start finding five dollars bills in your eighth grader’s jeans, you might be concerned. When you start finding thousands of dollars, it’s time to call the cops!

I understand we all get horny at some point, I also understand boys these days look like men, but 14…. Even if he’s tall, packed on muscles and has a humongous dick still VERY illegal to do.

By the time cops got to Sandy Doan for her inevitable arrest on sex crimes charges, she had handed over approximately $28,000 in cash to her junior fuckfriend.

The boy is not expected to face any criminal charges on his extortion activities… Or his drug and alcohol binging… But he is expected to be super popular in school for a brief while before dropping out and falling into a general state of perpetual disrepair.

Any kid this corrupt at 14 has quite the road ahead of him… So better do him between ages 18 and 19 ’cause by 20 he’ll probably be too fucked up. 

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