Responsible Irresponsible

thumbnail_img_6827Yesterday I did my HIV test.

The other night Xavier and I talked about it and we both decided to do it. It’s been 4 months since my last one so I was due.

Before the test I had an interview with a specialist to talk about my sexual habits… Despite been playing too often with fire for several months, she applauded me for acting responsibly by checking myself and tell her all I said… which was A LOT!

Although, I shouldn’t worry much (I want to believe) she encouraged me to stop acting irresponsible (when I do) and keep “educating” my partners about risks (which I do) ’cause the fact is we live in MONTREAL, a very promiscuous city with high rates of STI’s on gay men.

You know, if ever Xavier had unprotected sex with one of the many street sluts out there, chances are he get me ill and I don’t wanna be a walking disease, spreading disease. Or the other way around.

So I really try to keep my shit together here.


We are both conscious about the stuff we do. And wishing for the best…

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