Emmanuelle Riva Has Died


Oh God… 2017 Here we go…

The French actress Emmanuelle Riva, an Academy Award nominee known for her starring roles in 2012’s Amour and 1959’s Hiroshima Mon Amour, died in Paris on Friday after a prolonged battle with cancer. She was 89.

Riva was nominated in 2013 for her role in Amour, an unvarnished look at love, ageing and death that I can’t even think about without dissolving into a pulsating lake of tears… She portrays Anne Laurent, a retired piano teacher who suffers a series of strokes that summarily rob her of herself.

She’s cared for by her husband, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant. Also in this film Isabelle Huppert playing her daughter, and the result is an unflinching look at the quietude of a life at its end.

Her Oscar nomination for best actress made her the oldest person up for an award in that category.

French President Francois Hollande said in a statement that Riva “deeply marked French cinema” and “created intense emotion in all the roles she played.”

Though she appeared in more than 70 features in film, TV and on stage, she was also a published poet, and a series of photos she shot in Hiroshima was published in a book in 2008.


What a loss!

Yet we still have a full set of Kardashians…

May she rest in peace!

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