Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

thumbnail_fullsizerenderLast night Xavier invited me to the cinema, he took me to see Resident Evil.

I was like… sure, why not? I haven’t seen any of the previous movies, not really a fan of zombies and stuff, but he is.

To my surprise, the film was REALLY entertaining. 

Although I fell in love with Milla Jovovich in the 90’s with the AWESOME The Fifth Element I never saw any of her movies again for some reason. She’s a good actress and she needs more dramatic roles to prove it, I guess.

I don’t know about the other Resident Evil movies but Milla keeps getting better with time.

After the movie we went to eat. I took him to try some Vietnamese since he never had some (yes he’s from Mars.) He didn’t dislike it, so it was good. Then we went for some dessert and by the time we arrived home it was almost 11 PM… Needless to say I was exhausted ’cause my day started at 5:30 AM, but that didn’t stop the sexy, and so Xavier pretty much abused my ass good night.

This morning, he had an appointment at the bank, so he left early but came back to have breakfast together… Although, his main plan was to fuck me again.


In short, we had another great time.

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