In honour of the Year of the Rooster (or “Year of the Cock” for those of us cock lovers who love to type and say cock over and over again) here’s an illustration by the excellent artist Silverjow.

I used to celebrate the Lunar Year (’cause 3 of ex’s were Chinese, or of Chinese background). Then, I stopped doing it for about 3 years (I dated other ethnicities). And I celebrated again last year with PatrickA (also Chinese). Since my current partner has nothing to do culturally with it, I’m skipping it again this year.

The Lunar Year is a time for millions of Chinese families to come together to eat, celebrate and set off firecrackers.

For many Chinese sons and daughters, it’s also a time to endure a barrage of questions from parents demanding to know when they’re ever going to meet someone and settle down (many have been there) and those questions are even more stressing when you’re gay.

Homosexuality still a taboo in the very conservative Chinese culture. In fact 3 of my ex’s (PatrickA included) were in the closet.

Although it was never a big problem in our relationship, it was a poisonous issue inside them that in the end, it managed to break them down. I’ve seen it first hand and still seeing it everyday. 

The amount of Asian guys in the closet (in Montreal) is monumental. 

Anyhow, hopefully one day all the people dealing with retrograde cultural ideas will be able to free themselves and live a full life.

Happy Lunar New Year!