The End Of An Era

Yesterday morning Xavier and I went to check if HMV had specials… 

HMV is bankrupt.


When the retailer closes its doors in two months, it marks not only the end of a once-mighty chain, but another loss in the bigger food chain known as the music industry.

As fewer people invest in CDs and DVDs, able to stream or download the music and movies they want, retail outlets such as HMV will continue to move toward extinction… Life!

When I arrived to Montreal in the 90’s, as a music lover my favourite store was HMV.

I used to go almost daily just to listen to records I didn’t have, specially CD’s ’cause back then they still selling cassettes. I also applied for a job several times because I REALLY wanted to spend my whole day there, but I never got it and I never knew why… Perhaps because back then I was something weird to look at since Latinos in those days were very uncommon in the city. Who knows?

Regardless before internet, iTunes and all that, HMV (as the few other music stores) was a magical place for me.

But as everything else in life, all comes to an end.


And thank you for allowing me to escape from reality into a better world. 

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2 thoughts on “The End Of An Era

  1. r_hsw says:

    sad indeed. i miss the old days when i need to go to a record shop to browse the many cds and also listen to the samples of new ones being promoted. i even collected cd singles. those were the good old days.

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