Kim KarTrashian Joins The Battle

It would be easy to dismiss anything Kim Kardashian has to say on any topic other than how to fuck and get rich. That’s not an altogether meaningless skill she possesses, though it seems fairly contained.

Occasionally Kim steps out into the realm of social and political matters. It doesn’t suit her, but it is perhaps the most noticeable indication that something’s terribly wrong.


Kardashian dove into the Trump mess with a Tweet somebody clearly prepared for her because it contained numbers.

Kim titled the post, “Statistics” which is the naming convention her fellow Nobel Laureates use to head their theses work as well.

The Kardashians bring up their Armenian immigrant heritage every now and then when convenient for their TV show or me-too platitudes on diversity. None of this would be the least bit relevant if several million girls didn’t count on the Kardashians as their primary source of world news and information…The world is coming to an end.

Even the last leader of the mighty Soviet Union, Gorbachev, came out of his dacha this past week to declare World War III was coming.

He probably follows the Kardashians on social media too.

Nobody saw that coming.

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