This Is 2017

sub-buzz-3865-1485811937-2I slept two and a half hours before yesterday (YES! 2h30 minutes,) I went to work, I came back home and I had a dose of internet and world news…

I slept five hours yesterday and felt more alive. After a long day and back at home I had some internet…

The news all over the world are the same, TURDMP!

How can I blog about my life, bubble butts and penises when that orange asshole is causing global chaos?

How fukin HOW? ¿Como?

Last Sunday two fucked up bastards killed 6 Muslims here in Quebec.

One of them (the one in custody) is a 27-year-old Quebec native. Bitch study political science at Université Laval in Quebec City, and he’s a Right-Wing & a Pro-Trump because, OF COURSE! 

It’s frustrating how harmful the influence of the orange prick is.

I seriously wish I was not blogging about him and keep going with my frivolity and assorted immorality, but even Satan is taking a break from doing evil to let it sink in. 

On Monday, crowds gathered outside London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow against insanity… It doesn’t matter what country you live in, we’re all in the same boat right now.

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I honestly thought 2017 would be about finding healthy ways to cope, but I was wrong. 2017 is about FIGHTING NAZIS!

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One thought on “This Is 2017

  1. r_hsw says:

    i never thought we as a society have to live through this. to actually have other countries protest against a leader of another country gotta mean something, no? i just can’t comprehend what’s going on in this world of ours these days.

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