GramMeh Winer DoucheBags Against The GramMehs

biebskanyewestgrammys-500x587I learned that the GramMehs were meaningless years ago when they failed to honour the musical artistry of the SPICE GIRLS!!!!!

Justin Bieber, Kanye Kardashian, and Drake are all passing on attending the Grammys even though they have 22 nominations between them. All three not so subtly noted how the young black man is being kept down.

The Recording Academy has gone out of their way to nominate the most popular artists with super shitty music and that’s backfiring on them.

Kanye already threatened the Grammys with a good time by promising not to go if Frank Ocean wasn’t nominated.

But, Frank’s album Blond wasn’t nominated because he didn’t submit it. Frank thinks that the GramMehs are the double-pleated mom jeans of music award shows and feels like it doesn’t represent artists like him because, it’s TRUE!!!

Kanye got 8 nominations and The Biebs got 4, so did those tricks did shade themselves by thinking that Grammy voters are out-of-touch?


It scrapes a layer off of my already-thin soul to agree with Kanye and The Biebs, but I have to agree with them… I mean, the fact that Justin Bieber got 4 GramMeh nominations means that shit has the prestige of a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

I take that back. The Spice Girls have been nominated for a Kids Choice Awards, so the Grammys are below that.

Jokes aside, the Grammys have been a joke for the last 25 years. You know why? Because of dickheads like kanye, Justina & other overrated assholes ruining it for the rest of us!!

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