Book Hunting

thumbnail_img_7015Last night after work, I met Xavier and went to La Grande Bibliothèque. He’s looking for a book to read and I thought he might find something there.

However, what he was looking for was a bit tricky ’cause they don’t have a specific section for LGBT stuff.

Since I’m the man when he’s not fucking me, I asked an old lady at the reception if she had some hot gay novels…

As expected, aside from Fifty Shades of Amateur all the rest of erotica doesn’t have a section… #Fail! 


Anyhow we left that place and went to a regular bookstore, there we found some stuff but we arrived before the closing and we didn’t have time to check properly. He was discouraged, but he’ll find something to read. 

Later at home, he fucked me to release his frustration. 

On the other hand, it seems like the more he fucks me the tighter I get.

Seriously, for some reason our last encounters were kind of painful for my anus. But I guess that’s a normal thing for someone so immaculate dealing with a fat cock. Maybe I need more foreplay, or perhaps more sex. 

Anyhow, it was nice to explore the library and even nicer to see Xavier so obsessed to get a book. Guys who read are very attractive in my book! 

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