Disrespectful. Undignified. Immoral. Unethical

Donald Trump, a noted fan of Jesus and all his works, whatever they were, was at something called the National Prayer Breakfast Thursday morning… Apparently, a solemn event for American presidents to display their piety.

However, the egotistical orange asshole bragged that the ratings on The Apprentice totally suck now and sarcastically asked for prayers for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took over his old job.

You know, I seriously don’t understand how the Republicans allow him to be such an embarrassment.

It’s so disrespectful, undignified, immoral, unethical, etc, etc, etc…

And since the whole thing seems surreal, Schwarzenegger, the Terminator smacked him back with a perfect response:

At this point I truly believe Schwarzenegger would be a better president because at least he makes sense.

You guys, let’s pray together for a miracle because after he triggers a nuclear war, none of us will be here in 4 years… 

Please Lord impeach Trump. Amen! 

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