Okay…You’re Pregnant! WE GOT IT!!!

0201-beyonce-inset-810x960Forty five seconds after Beyawnce announced that her royal uterus is holding the messiahs, the Beyhive shook so hard that they had to soothe their worn out, raw muscles by lying in a tub filled with BenGay.

But their God didn’t give them much time to rest, because hours later, Beyonce.com graced the internet with many, many, many pictures of a knocked up Beyonce posing in an Awkward Family Photos shoot.

If you’re an art student, you’ll get at least 60 credits just by looking at Bey’s masterpiece portraits…


I read about this yesterday but I didn’t find it important (still not) to blog about… However, those Americans have a way to make grandiose something so irrelevant. You need proof? Check the Kardashians! 

Those pictures are colourful as a Chagall but not as interesting. It’s like she was trying to be ironically trashy in these photos, but then everything went wrong and she just ended up being weirdly tacky instead.


Anyway, I should thank her for the diversion while the world is falling apart.

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