Aesthetic French Asks

The random French words are n’importe quoi, but… let’s do this:

ange (angel): what’s your opinion on religion? Please know that I wholeheartedly respect anyone who decides to put their faith in a certain god or religion. But I think that if you believe that all people on this planet should live according to one book, code of laws or God, excluding all who hold different views, ideals and beliefs, there wouldn’t be really a reason for your God to have created so many different people. 
bisou (kiss): what’s your favorite place to be kissed? My lips.
brûler (to burn): what are you most passionate about? The human mind, relationships and justice.
câlin (hug): who was the last person you hugged? Xavier.
chaleur (heat): what are your favorite kinks? Can’t tell…

tumblr_o8131mzko41tq1785o1_500chatoyer (to shimmer): what is sure to make you cry? Animal cruelty. 
chaussettes (socks): what do you misplace the most? My sense of self worth.
citronnade (lemonade): what’s your favorite beverage? Lately, homemade smoothies.
coquillage (seashell): what’s your favorite sound? The sound of intercourse. 
croquis (sketch): are you artistic? what’s your favorite medium? Yes I am, it depends on the mood.
doux (soft): where do you feel most safe? Nowhere these days.
écarlate (scarlet): is it easy to make you blush? Yes!
éclatant (dazzling): what was your first favorite song? Back in my childhood, definitely this one.

étoile (star): believe in astrology? Whenever sounds good.
floraison (bloom): do you believe in love? Still do.
libellule (dragonfly): what’s your favorite super power?
luciole (firefly): what was your dream job when you were little? Teacher.
nuage (cloud): what is your dream job now? Being a Kardashian. 
orage (thunderstorm): are you scared of storms? No.
papillon (butterfly): any allergies? No.
parapluie (umbrella): favorite kind of weather? Chill autumn morning.
péripatéticien (wanderer): believe in ghosts? Yes!
piscine (swimming pool): do you like swimming? Not really.
plaisir (pleasure): your favorite dessert? Currently, Xavier’s dick.
pleuvoir (to rain): do you blow dry your hair or let it air dry? Let it dry.
sirène (mermaid): any tattoos? If not, do you want any? Nope. Yes I guess..
soleil (sun): all time favorite concert you’ve been to? MANY! From Garbage to Cher, from U2 to Lady Gaga, Janet, Madonna, Beyawnce, Celine and many more… But if I have to choose, I choose Kylie and Sarah Brightman. Both not only visually stunning but mesmerising.

tournesol (sunflower): favorite flower? The one nobody ever gave me.

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