Lady Gaga Salutes Inclusivity at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl has become very popular outside the US not because of a sport nobody cares, but because of the halftime show.

Last night, Lady Gaga did not deliver the middle finger to Trump that was semi-expected during her performance (actually she did by singing few lines from This Land Is Your Land) but she did sing LGBT rights anthem “Born This Way” in front of a country whose rights seem to be receding by the moment. You can watch it here.


She also sung it in front of Vice President and noted homophobic Mike Pence, who was there.


I was a big Gaga fan before her music lack the simple fun of her debut. So I was ORGASMING when she sang her first (and better) hits, but even more satisfying was her subtle approach to denounce the political issues that is plunging her country into a great abyss. I’m a big fan again!!!



Excellent performance.

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