GODDESS Won Against Trash


Back in 2015, when Kylie Jenner Kardashian was first beginning to step out of the giant shadow cast by her sister’s ass, she filed an application to trademark the name “Kylie.”

The problem for Kylie Jenner was that there was already a famous Kylie: GODDESS Kylie MINOGUE!


About a year ago, The Original (and best) Kylie got her lawyers involved and asked them to put a stop to The Lesser Kylie’s attempt at cornering the market on the name Kylie.

According to GODDESS Minogue, Kylie Jenner (or as Kylie Minogue called her, a “secondary reality television personality”) doesn’t get to call dibs on “Kylie” because she already has a trademark on the name since the 80’s…


In other words when Kylie Jenner was swimming in her crossdressing daddy’s left testicle, GODDESS Kylie Minogue was already KYLIE!


The US Patent and Trademark Office agrees.

The Kardashians and the Jenners have been programmed by Kris Jenner to want to monetise every possible aspect of their lives. And one of the ways they like to ensure that every last dollar gets tucked into their wallets is to trademark their names.

It’s practically a rite of passage for them. So of course Kylie Jenner would appeal (because, THE NERVE!) and keep fighting until she gets her trademark in order to uphold her fame whore values.


The FLOP Kylie and her stupid lip kits need to go the fuck away.

I’m sorry, but that ignorant deluded, self-important blow up doll needs to understand that KYLIE MINOGUE is the only Kylie that matters.


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