Speaking Of Trash…

spl1414354_002-500x575It looks like Kanye Kardashian will never be invited to a slumber party at the White House, where he and his one-time BFF, Donald Trump, would crank call the Australian PM, toilet paper Nancy Pelosi’s office, take selfies with the nuclear button and colour each other’s hair using the imported piss of a Russian hooker. Because Kanye is done with Trump!

Apparently the Kardashian fuckboy deleted every pro-Trump tweet he’s made. CNN (yes, they’re actually covering this story because, Oh America… ) adds that King Myers, a rapper on Kanye’s label, released an anti-Trump anthem that was produced by Kanye.


So… once he got treatment for his mental illness he was no longer a Trump supporter?

Maybe more Trumpers could use some psychiatric intervention.

Nobody, especially the leader of a country, should give one fuck about Kanye dumping them, but Trump will.

I’m sure Trump will rage tweet at that snow cone-headed traitor, but before he does that, he’ll lay his head on Steve Bannon’s bosom and wail about Kanye breaking up with him because those two egotistic sociopathic douchetards were made for each other.

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