Meanwhile In America…

Nordstrom announced in early February that the department store would no longer sell Ivanka Trump’s clothing line due to declining sales. Then her dad, Donald Trump, the American president, attacked Nordstrom on twitter over his girl’s hurt feelings. Enter Kellyanne Conway.


Conway showed up on Fox & Friends early Thursday morning to spin the president’s lunacy into longer, thinner strands of lunacy… During her interview, Conway defended Trump, Ivanka, and the joy of shopping for clothes made in China.

Conway is a federal employee.

The Associated Press reports that the standards of ethical conduct for federal employees from the Office of Government Ethics demands that an employee shall not use his or her office “for the endorsement of any product, service or enterprise.”

But obviously those people don’t care about the law.

And speaking of Fox News, look at this shit:


Gladly the internet makes all these psychopaths less scary:


The whole thing is a circus, a sad comedy….


This is truly what happens when your only two categories are “violent Islamic extremist terrorist” and “perfectly swell white guy.”

I honestly feel kind of bad for the decent citizens of that country. It seems like Trump and his maniacs are allowed to do whatever they want with total impunity, while people watch unable to do anything about it.

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