Unwanted Anxiety

Yesterday I had a not-so-happy day… Xavier texted me something that got me anxious and a little frustrated. Later those feelings vanished and I just felt like an idiot. Now what I feel is somewhat distrust.


We are still okay, but I guess we need to talk about this issue in person.

Sadly, this weekend he had plans and was busy and blah blah… Not really helping my mood to feel better. So, what I did was what I always do when something is stressing me out: I worked out! 


Time at the gym is always good to forget a”pain in the ass” to focus on the pain in my muscles. Also, being in shape always gives you better chances to find another boyfriend, fuckriend or whatever… Since everybody is so fucking superficial, that’s the only thing they care about…

Your body, not your feelings!

Anyhow, my weekend is going fantastic (NOT REALLY!) and I can’t wait for it to be over and get myself busy again.

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