Is The Beyhive Still Alive?

beyoncepregnant2017-500x606When Beyawnce’s never-ending Grammy’s performance started tonight and I saw her looking like the Virgin Mary if the Virgin Mary was an attention-whore, I was already tired.

While wearing a headdress that was equal parts She-Ra, Aaliyah in the Queen of the Damned and Madonna at the Super Bowl, the reincarnation of Jesus busted out a medley of Love Draught, Sandcastles and THE BIBLE at the Grammys tonight.

It lasted approximately 600 million minutes if you’re not a member of the Beyhive, and 6 seconds if you are a member of the Beyhive.

It was like a live performance version of her EXTRA pregnancy portraits but with a major budget. Yup, the beehive should now be dead!

Although the visuals were amazing, Beyawnce give me the Zzzz’s and I’m tired of folks thinking she’s the Messiah and deserves everything. 

Anyway, they can go crawl back into their holes and Beyonce can try again without the unnecessary ass shaking and extraness in everything she does. Or simply go rest and have a dignified pregnancy. 

Why is she so thirsty?

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