Adele opened the Grammys tonight with her cover of Lionel Richie’s Hello (I wish) and so many people probably didn’t watch the rest of the show because they were crying out all of the liquids in their body for some reason…. Truly, I love Adele but Hello is a boring song.

Later on in the show, Adele did the tribute to George Michael.

Adele did a slowed-down version of one of my favourite George Michael songs, Fast Love.

I nearly broke my jaw while cringing when I heard that Adele was going to do that song, because it is a great slut anthem and makes you want to give a stranger a lap dance.

Fast Love is NOT meant to be some sappy, melancholy, elevator song.

So I was all ready to say  DAMN YOU, ADELE!  But I changed my mind when she stopped after her first verse, blew out the fuck word (which was bleeped, BOO!) and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t mess this up for him, I’m sorry, I can’t.” Adele then turned away from the mic and said “Fuck.”


I like to think that George Michael was in the afterworld, loving every damn minute of this extra dramatic moment.

Still, she ruined a fun sexy slut anthem.

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