Instant Diabetes

openpostinstantdiabetes2016-500x522Stare at that picture long enough and you’ll get the answer to the question: Can you get cavities on your eyeballs? The answer is yes, because I just got four from looking at that sugar turd of a monster.

Believe it or not, that picture was not taken anywhere in America.

It was taken at a place on the other side of the planet called The Doughnut Bar in the Australian city of Brisbane.

It’s a giant dump of ice cream in a glazed donut cone. That syringe is probably filled with insulin since taking one bite of that thing could give you diabetes.

It looks like a giant caca on top of another giant caca that’s been deep fried and covered with jizz. And eating it is probably a real bitch.

The easiest way to eat it is to have one friend grab one side of your mouth and get another friend to grab the other… And as they both stretch your mouth out, a third friend should shove it all in, syringe and all.

And with that being said, I soooo would. 

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