Reflective Night Stroll

thumbnail_fullsizerender-3Last night I went to pick up Sai Sai (my male chihuahua) at his mother’s (Bunny, one of my ex’s,) ’cause we share custody of him like responsible parents. My ex is usually the one who picks him up and brings him back, but he couldn’t do it last night.

Since it’s rare for me to go out after 10 PM, I felt totally weird walking the streets by myself.

Whenever I do is with the guy I’m sleeping with.

On my way to my ex’s I had to pass by PatrickA’s (my ex before Xavier) metro station and unconsciously I was about to get off when my senses came back and I thought “Wtf am I doing?”

I guess I was too tired, as I said, I barely sleep 4 hours a day.

Yet again, during my relationship with PatrickA he was the only reason I used to go out of my place late at night, ’cause waking up in his arms was worth my sleepless nights. 

Once at Bunny’s fancy building he told me he was thinking to move out ’cause the rent was way too expensive… Him and his husband pay as much as I do for my flat, yet his building design is a lot more attractive and the exact location is not bad.

However, they live in the gay village and as a whole, I don’t like that area.


Anyhow, he put the idea of moving to a new place in my head. 

I like my flat because is new, but I’d love to move to a “busier” side of the city. Here’s is too private and because I am a loner, I need a bit of chaos to balance the solitude. 

I guess that’s going to be my new goal, but for that I need more cash… That’s why this morning I contacted my old job (the porn company I used to work for) and spoke to the person in charge. So, we’ll see…

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my accountant to discuss my current troubles, and I’ll probably mention “moving…” Chances are he would quit, or punches me in the face. We’ll also see….

Once at home, I got a random message from Pierre (one of the few guys after me) asking me for a chance and blah blah…

Typical player talk, but I have someone to fuck me already. 


Him and the rest need to improve their game to approach me.

It’s really discouraging seeing these hot guys with no cleverness and zero capacity of seduction… Well, they’re maybe seductive for the unloved or desperate, but that’s not my case.

And yeah I’m sorry if I sound fucking cocky, but that’s my reality and it’s totally exceptional for someone my age. So criticise me if you want but good luck to you when you reach menopause. Exactly, GOOD LUCK! 


In short, strolling the empty snowy streets at night was pretty healthy and refreshing for my mind.

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