Thank You

thumbnail_img_7521Last night for Valentine’s Day, Xavier took me to his favourite resto and to the cinema.

I didn’t get a flower but he made of my bhole one after he fucked me to death. I survived, but his penis died!

At the cinema we watched Part two of the movie for people whose sex life sucks, 50 Shades Duller.

Even if the reviews are completely right about that flop, he wanted to see it and I needed a little nap after my long day (I was awake since 3 AM) so we did.  

That shit is supposed to be some type of erotica, and even if the first one (50 Shades of Meh) was kind of romantic and somwhow autobiographical (yes I watched it,) this second movie was pure COMEDY. The acting was terrible and the story even more.

If there’s one thing I rescue is the fantastic presence of Marcia Gay Harden, and Kim Basinger’s 80’s telenovela villainess role.

Other than that the whole thing was as exciting as a sloth’s yawn.


I’m embarrassed, I don’t deserve to live.


Anyhow, our Valentine’s was fine but “incomplete” due to time. So I guess there’s a “second part” soon.

Despite our small issues and his many contradictions when it comes to our sexual relationship, Xavier is a very loving guy; and the time we share is always my favourite time.

To him, I only have two words to say: Thank You!  

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