Every Three Days…

The problem with sleeping so little is that you don’t have energies or motivation to workout after 10 hours at work, so when you take back your good habits your body is all sore and you feel like dying. However, it’s somehow a rewarding feeling that reminds you you’re still functional and it’s not over. 

Gym for me is not pleasurable but rather self-discipline. Also it’s a good distraction from whenever I have an issue or for whenever I’m not getting enough sex… Which is a total scandal!!!

Although the last reason is not often an issue, it’s been 3 days since I got fucked and my body is due.

I have no clue how some people can live without sex for weeks, months or even years when I’m in agony after 3 days. That said, I hope my pleasure provider get himself some free time soon ’cause I’m not, I won’t and I would never accept not having my body satisfied several times a week…

And as I’m writing this, just by pure telepathy (or horniness) Xavier is texting me to let me know that he’s coming tomorrow to solve my dilemma.

You guys… Writing, truly, is power! 

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