Marvel has just released a gorgeous piece of Alex Ross artwork with a simple tagline: “Generations – coming summer 2017.”

That’s it. Strap yourselves in, guys.

Civil War II may have barely just ended (with many dead,) Inhumans vs. X-Men may have only just begun, Monsters Unleashed might be on the way, and few days ago Marvel unveiled Secret Empire (focusing around a certain evil Captain America because they keep milking the same characters over and over and over again) but they are already teasing a major new event with Generations.

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Generations seems to be about discussing the role of legacy characters in the Marvel universe. We’re seeing the original versions of Wolverine, Jean Grey, Captains America and Marvel, Hawkeye, and more alongside their current, modern successors.


Are they actually coming together, or is their presence behind their successors a more symbolic thing? 

Whatever the answer is, at these rates, we’ll have more complex Marvel movies until the end of time. And that’s good news!

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