Always The First

Yesterday marked 8 months since Xavier took the spotlight in my life.

To be honest I forgot about this special day the previous months… Since he always says that he doesn’t want us to be “special” and blah blah, I guess it was normal for me to forget.

At the same time he always reminds me of our special day… Guys are SO complicated!

Luckily for him I’m very easy going (when I’m not making my scandals) and I understand that despite his manly body and big man dick, he’s still a kid…

A kid who sucks me like a vampire and wants to make me pregnant, but kid still. 

So I don’t even bother with his contradictions.


He arrived at my door all cute with a present and a BIG rose; making him the first guy who ever give me flower.

It’s pretty surreal how at my very old age (I’m almost 100) with all the stuff I have experienced, Xavier keeps doing things that are a first to me. But that probably has to do with my unusual role in this relationship. I’m not longer the one in charge, he is. He’s the giver and I am the receiver. 


Needless to say, I received his cock last night and I was all exhausted at work this morning. But exhaustion can go to hell ’cause I have my priorities clear.

As clear as he’s my first man. And we had a good time.

Happy 8 months!

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