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thumbnail_fullsizerender-7I bought this book some days ago: Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly.

I never heard of American chef Anthony Bourdain until last year during my island vacations while watching CNN… (because every time I go to another country I do what I don’t at home, in this case watch T.V) He had (has?) a show on CNN Parts Unknown, about culinary art around the world.

The little I saw of chef Bourdain made me like him easily.

So when I saw this book I was like why not?

He is the type of man who had experienced hell and burnt himself in order to find balance and reach glory.

In other words, the type of people I admire.

Chef Bourdain reminds a bit of another hero of mine, Craig Ferguson (Craig also hit rock bottom, a little harder, in order to put his act together) both walking messes that never lost their fun spirit. 

Anyway, I’m already half way through this book… More to come.

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