STUDY: Dog People Are Sexier Than Cat People

In this whole wide world, there are two types of people: dog lovers and cat lovers. And no matter which one of those you personally choose to be, the reality of the situation is that dog people are better.

Just kidding. We’re all equals here. But really, dog people are better.


We recently learned from a large Facebook study that dog lovers are blessed and happy individuals, whereas cat lovers are kind of bitter and mostly single.

In other words, they have no chill. 

And now, according to a new study of over 1,000 singles, we also know that dog lovers are sexy people who everyone wants to get with, while cat people aren’t really all that appealing, probably because they’re not as affectionate.

This also explains why they’re more likely to be single.

The study, conducted by EliteSingles, found that 63 percent of people find dog owners to be sexy and endearing, and only 18 percent of participants said cat owners are attractive.

So yeah, judgemental cats who don’t even love you? Boou!


Loving, happy, loyal dogs who love you just the way you are? HOT!


‘Nuff said!

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