Bye Felicia!


It’s been a bad week to be Milo Yiannopoulos, whose Wikipedia page is about to include the word “former” in front of just about every personal achievement.

Yiannopoulos, wrongly and repeatedly cited as some sort of “provocateur” by publications unwilling to call him what he is (a disingenuous parasite who promotes hate for his own mercenary ambitions,) was on track to massively boost his profile with the mainstream this week after being invited to give a speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.

But it all came crashing down, starting yesterday when CPAC disinvited Yiannopoulos.

Then Simon & Schuster cancelled his upcoming book Dangerous, despite no shortage of outcry when the deal was first made public.

And just before a personal press conference today, it was announced that he’d be departing from Breitbart, the far right media organisation formerly run by White House Chief Strategist /homophobic/ racist/ xenophobic/ misogynist Steve Bannon.

All of this was the result of a year-old video from The Drunken Peasants podcast that resurfaced this weekend wherein Milo appeared to defend paedophilia within the gay community…

In other words, you can demonise feminists, trans people, liberals, people of colour, and Muslims, but pederasty is the line. I guess it’s good to know there is one? Also, it’s interesting that it was conservatives who took him down, not the liberals he’s always complaining about.


But, like your typical cockroach, he will survive the self-imposed apocalypse and will reappear again in some other dark crevasse of the world. Who knows? Maybe as Trump adviser.

Jokes aside, this is the type of gay I CAN’T.

He’s a farce, a narcissistic flamboyant clown, a consumed attention-whore capable to shot his mother for the sake of fame.

I really hope his 15 minutes are over. 

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