Gambling With Life 4 Likes

viki_odintcova-8-7994ea6a_webFor the longest time, the limits of the modelling sciences were looking good and showing off your breasts. Everything is about to change…

Viki Odintcova knew she had to think outside the box if she wanted to live her dream of successful Instagram titty model.

Odintcova climbed to the top of a 73-story building in Dubai where she happened to be in town for a big aerospace conference… The Russian model hung off the side of the skyscraper held only by the outstretched arm of a man who minutes earlier tried to finger her during final makeup.

The result: an Instagram video with 650K views and climbing.

Odintcova has surpassed three million followers. That means a low six figure salary in promotional fees. Not too bad for a girl with one single line on her resume: fuckable.

Do you realise how many girls in St. Petersburg grow up wishing they could be this woman? Every single one! Including ME.

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