john_wick_teaserposterI finally watched the first instalment of John Wick. Since I want to watch the second film, currently playing on theatres, I needed to.

Keanu Reeves is very Canadian even as a hitman. He keeps it polite while fucking you up and even gives you a chance to live, which makes this revenge film very entertaining.

The violence is pretty graphic but very stylishly filmed, Reeves minimalist acting fits perfectly here, although he does show he’s capable of much more in a couple of scenes.

It’s refreshing that amidst all the violence, the film does not take itself too seriously (in fact seems more like a comedy from parts) introducing cool minor characters and despicable villains and just keeps delivering the action goods, driven by a fitting soundtrack.

The cast was okay, and it was fun to see Alfie Allen on it (Lilly Allen’s brother) who I only knew by name thanks to his sister back in time.

Long story short, action movies are about movement and only job is to keeps us focus. This film despite not being perfect delivers well all that and  gives you everything you want.

 Let the lesson be learned. You can’t kill a man’s dog and get away with it.

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