Rihanna Is Your Humanitarian Of The Year

rihanna-work-gifsRihanna’s Humanitarian of the Year Award from Harvard University surprised many people who didn’t realise you could be a hard partying auto-tuned pop star and also be extremely charitable.

Rihanna raised funds for and donates significantly to multiple educational and medical research causes both in Barbados and internationally. 

Rihanna is a classic example as to how the most charitable people are the ones who don’t trumpet their own good deeds.

Her name isn’t on any of the organisations she funds or annual swank events she hosts to raise money. More importantly, she failed to call in the FBI when her nude photos were hacked and she’s yet to cry retroactive rape on any of the men she fucked on her way up the music career ladder.

Let the woman sing over pre-recorded tracks. She’s one of the good ones.

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